Pilot project

  • Thursday, 03 December 2009 23:05
  • Last Updated Saturday, 09 January 2010 22:15
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“Think big, start small, act now”. According to this motto, The Business Machine does not want to wait for the perfect moment to implement all the ideas but to start with a small pilot project that will allow us to test the feasibility of the concept. The implementation of this first try is foreseen to happen during the year 2010.
Unlike many other projects that bring a ready made idea and just look for partners, The Business Machine wants to live a true partnership from the beginning: The first business idea is not yet created. It is part of the cooperative process to work it out during an interactive pilot meeting.


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In March 2010 a team of 5 Europeans will meet a team of 5 Ethiopians in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.
Both teams will already prepare the meeting in advance. The two initiators of The Business Machine will act as facilitators of the creative process during which different ideas for projects will be created. It is foreseen that after the meeting every member of the team can decide if and how he or she wants to be involved in the future. At least one business idea is chosen to be implemented during the course of 2010.

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The teams was chosen according to the criteria of diversity as different backgrounds, age, gender and level of experience will assure a broad base for creativity so that different aspects and ideas are taken into consideration.


To live the idea of true cooperation, the principle of cross-selection was applied to choose the participants of the pilot project: the African team has received the applications from Europe and choosen the ones they considered of being the most promising ones. And vice versa, the European team has selected their partners from the African applications.

The next steps of the project are:

  • First week of January 2010: confirmation of all participants ready
  • January 2010 until March 2010: Preparation of the pilot meeting
  • 15th of March 2010: Meeting of the partners in Addis Ababa (one week)
  • April 2010: Every partner decides if and how he/ she will be involved in the project
  • May 2010: Start of the implementation of the project

It is very important to understand that The Business Machine is not a job: no salary will be paid to the partners. The opposite is true: all of them are expected to work free of charge for the project and even to contribute to the (financial) start capital of the project. The exact amount will be decided during the meeting in Addis Ababa, on an individual level and taking into consideration the financial capacities of everybody.
The working time and money invested by everybody will serve as a base to calculate the project’s share each entrepreneur owns. If the business starts to make profit, the benefits will be distributed among the partners according to their share they posses.
The principle of financial contribution and of contribution in kind (for example working time) is crucial for The Business Machine as it is a commitment that only a person with a true entrepreneurial spirit is ready to make.
That’s also why every (European) partner will have to pay by himself the flight for the planning meeting in Addis Ababa.